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Stories About Fake News Are on the Decline. Thankfully.

BuzzSumo graph on fake news story coverage.

If there were ever evidence that the media have a hive mind, look no further than BuzzSumo’s article on the trend of reporting on fake news. The content marketing company writes that the number of stories ABOUT fake news (not the fake news stories themselves) hit a high in January 2018. The numbers are astonishing.…

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Information Overload, Or How I Learned to Tolerate Facebook

MSN Article on Facebook About Mark Zuckerberg

I work in the world of social media, in part, buying Facebook ads for clients and managing their Facebook business pages. Here’s what I know: You voluntarily give Facebook information about you every time you check in somewhere, fill out a quiz, or answer a post that asks you to complete a sentence using predictive…

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Content Strategy: How to Not Take For Granted Things We Do Well

Content strategy and content management are favorite parts of my job. In the old world (the 1990s, not Europe), we called this editing and writing. But as society evolves and technology moves us in different directions, we learn to adapt, and so this thing I do is now called content strategy and content management. With old-school journalism…

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