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When an Ad Campaign Goes Terribly Wrong or Right, Who Wins?

As a Weight Watchers fan, both in terms of the product and in terms of Weight Watchers’ marketing strategy, it’s enjoyable to see it get a big win, even if it’s in the form of supporters defending it from a competitor’s surly ad campaign. And since I’m all about competition, and I’m also a big…

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Advertising Online: The Difference Between Goals and Messages

Goals vs. message. I often find there’s an internal conflict clients need to overcome before advertising online to help them understand the difference between explaining their business and showing people the benefit of being a customer. This is especially true for clients who sell experiences over products, but knowing the distinction is helpful for all businesses. Ultimately in advertising online, showing the benefit…

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Getting Beyond Black Friday Marketing Gimmicks

Anyone who works in marketing or is looking for opportunities to tie a client’s products into a wildly popular gimmick is salivating over the successes of this month’s annual Black Friday events — so much so that lots of companies start Black Friday on the Monday before Thanksgiving, or even in the beginning of November. And it’s not…

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