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If you’re like 99% of the business owners we speak with, you may often feel lost or overwhelmed as you try to navigate through all the various options available these days. Websites, social media, SEO, email marketing, Facebook, pay-per-click and so on.

Let me do you a favor right now and completely remove that overwhelm from your life. Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule?

20% of what you do every day is generating 80% of your total annual revenue.

In other words, you’re doing a few things daily that make you most of your money. I can tell you specifically what makes up that 20%, and that’s all you really need to focus on after today.

There are 5 areas that make up that 20% — leads, conversions, transactions, pricing and profits. Knowing where you want to get and how you're going to get there means determining which of these areas are usable within your marketing. Here's the key though - they ALL are. So it comes to knowing which offer the best opportunities for growth.

Do you know how many leads you get every month, and how many you convert? 

There are lots of ways to get leads. Referrals are obviously an excellent lead source. In fact, it may be the best one by far, but the problem is they come and go. You never know when you will get them. And you can't generate referrals. You can ask and occasionally someone will offer one, but they’re not reliable.

Do you know for sure how many sales your website produces every month? No? One sec. I need to put on my shocked face.

Part of the reason many business owners don't know is because they aren't tracking them. But the other part is that your website doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Here’s the key to successful marketing. You MUST be able to enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospects. Or another way to look at it is to be able to address the number one question on your prospects' minds at just the right time.

So what is that question? The conversation that’s taking place in EVERY prospect’s mind revolves around two major points: There’s a problem they have and they don’t want… and there’s a result they want but don’t have.

Now believe it or not, there is actually a marketing formula we follow that takes these two points into account… and spits out a message so compelling it practically forces your prospects to buy what you sell.

It’s called the Conversion Equation, and it looks like this … Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

MOST businesses aren’t different from their competitors, and that’s why you MUST innovate to create what we refer to as a market-dominating position.

You MUST make your business unique… it MUST stand out from the crowd. It MUST make your prospects say to themselves that they would be absolute idiots to buy from anyone else but you – regardless of price.

Because of the saturation of marketing messaging these days, most prospects have become numb to most marketing. Following our Conversion Equation can dramatically overcome this, but even with this powerful tool in play, it will still take multiple “touch” points before your prospects will buy what you sell.

For most businesses today, it takes anywhere from 20 to more than 100 touch points before a prospect makes their buying decision.

Following the Conversion Equation reduces the touch points to somewhere between 5 to 12 points of contact. But here’s the key… most businesses don’t follow up with their prospects at all, and this provides a HUGE window of opportunity for ANY business that does follow up … to position themselves as the dominant force in their industry.

But in order to have the opportunity to get your message in front of your prospects 5 to 12 times, you MUST find a way to collect their contact information, and digital marketing gives you the easy way to grab that info.

1% of buyers are NOW buyers - ready to make a purchase. The remaining 99% of viable prospects are “investigating” and gathering information about what you sell. They’re searching for information because they want to determine who is offering the best value. You see, prospects DON’T shop price – they shop VALUE!

The only reason prospects consider price is that most businesses don’t give them any other value proposition to consider.

We have an evaluation form that actually measures the success probability for any marketing you use for your business. We can give a copy of this to you so you can review it when you have time, and hopefully it will guide you in the future and help you create terrific marketing.

But if you want more than a worksheet, let's have a conversation. I can show you TONS of information, strategies, tactics, and tools that when you work with us you can access at any time.

In fact, I'll give you access to one substantial program right now, my E-Learning Tool.

Sign up, it's free, and you'll get weekly videos to get you started so you can do exactly what I'm describing here.

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