About Sharon K.

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Frequency Partners founder Sharon Kehnemui previously served as Managing Director of Digital Media at The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Formerly, she spent 15 years in traditional and new media, 12 of them running political news coverage for FoxNews.com, where she worked on building content and assets for Fox News’s online audiences during and between three presidential election cycles.

Promoting news, research, and ideas, Sharon specializes in digital experience and design, growth strategy for social and email audiences, and search engine optimization and marketing. She is a content management queen who researches and writes on anything and everything, even though everyone thinks she’s all about politics. Not so. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who operate in other industries make the best dinner partners.

One plus about Sharon: She is an idea generator, and she loves to apply those ideas into editorial cycles to make sure people talk about all that is available for offer.

She is an eternal optimist despite a wicked wit, and her mother says she would have made a good lawyer or psychologist.

Sharon has worked in public relations, most notably promoting tourism for the Republic of Turkey, the country where she long ago received her master’s degree in international relations at Bilkent University. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

Another thing about Sharon: Her last name is difficult to pronounce (it’s Azerbaijani, not Hawaiian), so she will answer to Sharon.com to make it easy for everyone.

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